Hoodia Dosage – What Is the Right Hoodia Dose to Get Lean?

Getting lean, I mean really defined and cut, is tough, but the right Hoodia dosage and the right mindset will get you to your destination.

So many roads. So many detours. So many choices. So many mistakes. Sometimes all the effort required to get lean can be frustrating. When this frustration sets in, it becomes even more important to maintain a little focus and a lot of willpower; Hoodia helps with the willpower.

Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all your energies on a limited set of goals. When you are trying to get ultra lean, I recommend that your muscle building or body shaping goals temporarily be put to the side to create a laser focus on your plan to get lean. With the right plan, the right hoodia dose, and the heart of a warrior, you will make rapid progress and can feel great about your success. So how much Hoodia do you need to be taking?

The right Hoodia dosage for most people RAD 140 before and after results is 500mg at least three times per day. You take the Hoodia about 30 minutes before each meal. I recommend 500mg but if you are a bigger person, or are working with a high calorie deficit and still feel hungry with a 500mg dosage, you should increase the Hoodia dose to 1000mg before each meal. In terms of Hoodia dosage, there is no hard research that defines the amount that will be effective, so you need to experiment and you will quickly know what is working for you; just be flexible at the beginning.

Hoodia Dosage before lunch
Take 500 mg as your Hoodia dose thirty minutes before lunch so you eat fewer calories.
What will happen is that you will maintain your energy going into the midpoint of your day and won’t get too hungry before lunch. This dosage works because when you reduce calories, hunger is one of the main distractions that can take you off course and the Hoodia eliminates hunger at this important point in time.

The timing is important because with calorie restriction, your hypothalamic ATP levels (energy level) drop. By taking Hoodia before lunch, you are able to maintain a normal level of hypothalamic ATP. By increasing your ATP levels in the hypothalamus, the Hoodia dosage works just like calories from glucose, which also boost ATP levels in the hypothalamus. The Hoodia helps your brain think it has calories and maintains your energy level without sending hunger signals that send you into food cravings.