Keys to Understanding the Bible

During the early piece of my service as a minister, on occasion I would inquire as to whether they comprehended what I had taught for the afternoon. Every one of them quickly replied “no.” from the outset, I thought they were joking. I just realized I made it plain enough for them to comprehend. However, they were not kidding; they saw very little of what I was talking about. I understood I expected to work harder at making my message more clear.

Obviously, my youngsters are in good company. Numerous churchgoers today battle with grasping the Bible. My perception is that numerous devotees know a ton about what the Bible says yet considerably less about what it implies. This is an issue on the grounds that nobody will be energetic about perusing and concentrating on something she can’t comprehend. What I believe should Take up your cross do in this post is to give some scripturally based pointers that will make the time you concentrate on the Bible really fulfilling.

After Jesus had wrapped up showing His well known story of the seed and the sower, He further developed the subject of the service of the Word. In light of His work, I present the accompanying:

We can figure out the Bible. “For whatever is covered up is intended to be unveiled, and whatever is hidden is intended to be brought out of the shadows,” Jesus said (Mark 4:22, NIV). At the end of the day, it is the desire of God for the secrets of the Bible to be all spread the word about. Consider it. How could God give us the Bible as light for our life, yet make it so difficult to comprehend that we can’t draw the light from it? In the event that we accept that our comprehension the Bible is unthinkable, there is no requirement for us to concentrate on the Bible.

The more consideration we provide for understanding the Bible, the really understanding God gives us. “Cautiously consider what you hear,” Jesus proceeded. “With the action you use, it will be estimated to you” (section 24). Any remaining things being equivalent, God awards us understanding proportionate to the consideration we provide for what we hear. At the point when we go to chapel and when we concentrate on the Bible at home, we ought to focus on God. The more dedicated we are to hearing, the more noteworthy proportion of understanding God will give us.

Our heart is the crucial key. Jesus  discusses how a rancher sows seeds, “Night and day, whether he dozes or gets up, the seed grows and develops, however he doesn’t have the foggiest idea how” (stanza 27). At the point when we hear the Word of God, and we concentrate on the Bible, we might feel that we are not gaining ground in our figuring out the Bible, but rather very much like the rancher, as we rest and rise every day, something is occurring beneath the surface. This is a secret however it’s valid.

In the anecdote of the seed and the sower, the earth addresses our heart. At the point when we endeavor to keep our heart right with God, this makes our heart great ground for the Word of God. Furthermore, most importantly at whatever point you plant a decent seed (the Word of God) into great ground (an exemplary heart), a decent yield (figuring out, Christlikeness) will be the outcome generally.…