Platinum is a Perfect Choice For Men’s Diamond Earrings

Platinum is a perfect choice for mens diamond earrings. Modern and beautiful, platinum is the perfect partner for diamonds.

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Why? Because beautiful white platinum does not cast any color on a diamond. Perfect as diamonds are valued by their lack of color! Platinum is a precious metal. It does not tarnish, so it keeps its brightness and sheen. It will not darken over time. It is also heavy; it weighs considerably more than gold. So it feels substantial to wear.

Platinum is strong, which makes it durable. Because of it strength, platinum is used in men’s earrings in its pure form. Gold has other metals added to it to give the strength needed to stand up to wear. Generally the platinum used in fine jewelry is 90 to 95% pure. Purity of Platinum is measured in parts per thousand. So 95% pure Platinum is called 950plat.

It is rarer than gold, it is more expensive to mine and refine and there are far less Platinum mines worldwide. Add to the fact that Platinum is now in very high demand, you’ll find platinum earrings are more costly then gold.

To reduce the cost of platinum jewelry and satisfy rising demand, more alloys are being used. Sold as an alloy they can contain up to 25% other metals. They are called 800 or 850 alloy depending upon the amount of other metal used. To keep the color white, metal in the platinum family ar メンズピアス  e used, such as iridium. As an added bonus these metals are even harder than platinum.

Metal Allergy sufferers

Many people have had to give up wearing earring as they are allergic to metals, sometimes including gold. Platinum is often tolerated by these people. Remember platinum is often used in medical equipment, so it is good for sensitivities.

White Gold Vs Platinum Vs- Which is the best choice?

Platinum is very popular today, far outstripping demand for white gold. One of the reasons is Platinum is naturally a bright white color which complements diamonds beautifully. White gold is greyer. To give white gold a whiter color, jewelry is coated with rhodium, a member of the platinum group of metals. However this coating does not last over time with wear, and pieces need to be recoated. So whilst white gold is lower in cost, it may not keep its bright white looks permanently if this coating wears.