Understanding Keyword Research and the SEO Long Tail of Keywords

A core SEO principle involves understanding the SEO long tail of keywords and how to leverage its potential with your on page and off page strategy. When a search engine optimization specialist masters long tail keyword research he (or she) is enabling the website’s ability to maximize search engine ranking potential. A long tail keyword strategy can be applied to both natural (organic) search rankings and pay per click (PPC) advertising.

With long tail strategy the SEO specialist understands that even though the majority of searches are typically centered on a one, two or three word keyword search phrase that there is an extensive amount of value in the total combined search volumes of four and five keyword targeted phrases. Why would your strategy focus around long tail keywords?

Keyword Strategy and the Long Tail:

If you knew the majority of searches where not occurring among four-word  Sommerseo for five-word keyword phrases, then why target them? There are several reasons why this strategy might be adventurous, mainly because the barriers of ranking naturally for shorter keyword phrases are too high. This might be because the sites currently ranking well for the shorter keyword phrase are older (more established), have a significantly larger website, or have more links pointing to their site, some of which use the targeted keyword phrase as anchor text.

Understanding that you may not rank for certain high traffic two or three keyword phrases the SEO professional must think more creativity. The SEO professional must look to find “deeper,” or long tail keywords. Typically the search volumes are much lower for long tail keywords, so it becomes a strategy of volume. If planned correctly ranking for the sum of long tail keywords will have a greater value than just ranking for one or two high traffic keywords.

Applying the Long Tail to Natural Search Keywords: